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About us: is a company located in China mainly works in Chinese inkjet printers and LED display screens distribution internationally. We offer most cost-effective large format printers with affordable price.As a one-stop solution for our clients, we supply the most reliable consumable materials like flex banners , photo papers,inks and the spare parts for the machines. Our digital machines have a wide size range from 1.8meters,2.5meters,3.2meters to most wide format 5meters. It cover the full area of indoor and outdoor advertising banner display.And we have various kind of ink options from solvent to Eco-solvent ,and UV to Sublimation,water based to oil based,and also 4 colors to 6 colors. All are fully covered in our catalogs. From 2006 up to now,our machines have helped many small graphic and image shops owners all over the world to start their signages and advertising businesses, for example in Mexico,Nigeria,Peru,Chile,Poland,Pakistan,USA,Italy,Spain,and also our machines have helped many big advertising companies to increase their posters banners productions , for example in Brazil and South Africa,UAE. In 2012 we have brought LED screens in our products lines.We worked with most reliable and reputable LED display Manufactures here in China to ensure all the screens sent out are functioning well. Our screens also covered the various business occasions from 5mm pixel pitch to 25mm pixel pitch,from single color to full colors,from fixed display to portable and rentable display,from low brightness for indoor and high brightness for outdoor display. As a internationally distributor in this industry,we always are ready to work with all your needs and requirements. This site is the business part of Select Sign Industries Limited registered in Hong Kong and have it’s office in Shenyang city the north-east part of China Mainland. and YW AMO TRADING FIRM (Select Sign Industries Limited ) All Rights Reserved