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Clientes stories of the Photos with the permission from Clients):

Infiniti/Challenger FY-3208H/FY-3208G/FY-3208R USB Mainboard 8 Heads : USD260/Piece

Mainboard for Infiniti challenger pheaton FY-3208

This is the new version mainboard for Infiniti/challenger/pheaton printer with seiko spt 510 print head.It looks same for version of 4 heads,6 head,8heads and 12 heads,just the inner program is differente.and the current new xaar128 boards is also look sames as this seiko boards.The current Chinese printer brand Zhongye,Infiniti (and UD printer,Phaeton printer are the sub-brand of Infiniti actuall),Crystal Jet,Iconteck are using the same boards.Just the inner program is not same,but clients would just replace the boards and the software together if their printer is out of guarantee(warranty).All the boards from those brand are from the same designer and manufacturer.We offer those boards from the manufacturer with their trademarks and Select Sign Industries Limited All Rights Reserved