Spectra Polaris Printheads PQ-512/15 AAA

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Spectra Polaris 512/15pl Printheads original

Polaris PQ-512/15 AAA

For any printer with this models is ok,and also for the following brand and models:

LIYU PS3204-S512, LIYU PS3208-S512;

Rodin P9320-B (4H), Rodin P9320-B (8H);

Flora PP2512UV,

SMART uv printer

JHF UV R5000, JHF UV R3300, JHF UV R5000S, JHF UV R3300S;


Anhui Liyu Innova PS,

Infiniti Fina 250Q / Fina 320Q,

Eurotech Aslan / Leo / Lion,

Gongzheng GZCK 3212 AK,

Flora LJ 320P,

Rodin P9320-B,

Sun Neo UV-LEDFlatbed,

Teckwin TeckUV 3200SR / TeckStorm TS600 / TeckStorm TS300,

CET Color X-Press X500 / X-Press X500h / X-Press X1000 / X-Press X1000hl,

Truepress Jet W3200UV,

Wit-Color Ultra 4000-3304 / Ultra 4000-3308

And many other brands etc etc,any printer with this model would work fine

Polaris PQ-512/15 AAA:

The Polaris PQ-512/15 AAA Printhead has 512 independent channels arranged in multiple rows at 200 dots-per-inch spacing for single color operation, or 100 dots-per-inch spacing for two color operation.

The printhead is designed for binary jetting using a 15-picoliter native drop size with 8-meters per second nominal drop velocity for jetting fluids in the 8 to 20 centipoise range. Using VersaDrop jetting technology, the printhead is capable of adjustable binary operation at drop sizes up to 30 picoliters with resolutions up to 1000 dpi.


  • 15 picoliter nominal drop size
  • Resolutions up to 1000 dpi
  • 512 individual addressable nozzles
  • VersaDrop™ binary jetting capability
  • Supports UV-curable, solvent, and aqueous-based inks
  • Configurable for single- and two-color operation
  • Integral mounting bezel with precision features
  • Built-in heaters and temperature sensors
  • Operation up to 60°C [140°F]
  • Simplified field repair with no special tools required

Below are the Spectra Polaris 512 heads sent to clientes recently:






New SpectraTM Polaris PQ-512/15 inkjet printhead taps Q-Class hybrid construction, repairable design and VersaDropTM binary jetting to support exacting printing applications requiring resolutions to 1000 dpi.

The Spectra Polaris PQ-512/15 printhead utilizes the binary operating capability of Dimatix’ VersaDropTM jetting technology and Q-Class hybrid construction to deliver ink drop sizes from 15 to 30 picoliters from 512 individually addressable inkjet nozzles at continuous frequencies up to 45 kHz fired at 8 meters/second velocity with exceptional straightness.

The new Spectra Polaris printhead is equipped with a flexible, fluid interface allowing single or two-color operation with a broad range of inks, including UV-curable inks and aggressive organic solvents, making it suitable for a broad range of commercial and industrial printing applications such as wide-format, label and package printing at resolutions to 1000 dpi.

An integral mounting bezel designed with precision registration points enables drop-in alignment – a unique repairable feature allows each 256-channel jet module to be exchanged and accurately registered in the field without the need for special tools or recalibration. Each 256-channel jet module is also dual-ported to facilitate ink flushing and recirculation. Heaters and temperature sensors allow precise control of ink viscosity at jetting temperatures up to 70oC.

“The Spectra Polaris PQ-512/15 printhead gives systems builders the option to design scanning products tailored to a wide range of printing applications requiring both speed and print quality,” “That high level of versatility in an economical printhead module designed to provide long-service life and simplified field maintenance will make the Spectra Polaris PQ-512/15 the printhead of choice to drive a new class of highly flexible printer products.”

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