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A Glimpse of China Sign&Advertising Industries from 1990 to 2015

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A typical printer Factory in China printer Factory in China China have a booming economy and so it's sign and advertising industries have been booming from many years.
From the years of 1990's,the America Vutek,and Israeli Scitex digital machines were actually the money-printers in China,because one square meters of the image printed on flex banner were sold at 500 RMB around 100 USD at that time,Well in that number it is a real money printer just like you print a real 1 RMB Chinese currency in the paper and it would be taken as real,but one machine would cost a million USD.Many companies got boomed and many boss got their capitals growth in those years.Latter in 1998 China launched it's first and own designed digital printer,then just in 1 or 2 years,those Chinese digital machines were booming explosively from 1 up to over 10 machine factories here.The cost of one machine have been brought down dramatically from half million USD to half the half,and up to now almost only Chinese factories can offer the affordable machines to the general public especially to those small printing shop owners.And some of those yesterday’s shop owners in 1990’s are now the boss of digital machine factories here.Why?Because the cost of one square meter flex banner printed were brought down too many now to around 2 or 3 USD,So those boss upgraded theirselves..
Chinese companies have developed many printing system,there several companies are dedicated in this job ,offering the professional digital system including the software and electrical hardwares.So there would be many companies world widely using the printing system from China to manufacture their own digital printers in their own country,we predicted this would happen soon or latter.Just like how the digital machines boomed from it’s 1990’s,the Chinese printing materials industries have the similar booming road map,we can not figure out how many flex banner factories in China,probably 50 factories in South and North together,and many ink factories together are supplying materials for China market and also the world.And during the end of 1990s to now 2015,.
The LED Display Industry have experiences the same booming,but sadly now that total led industry is going down as too much factory set up and too much products in market the total market volume seems can not stand it’s growth,as seems too much investments are put in this industry.Booming booming and booming..
We hope to introduce you to the sign and advertising industries of China.Because what had happened here might tomorrow happened in elsewhere. china led display screen

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