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How to Install Rip Software PhotoPrint for Digital InkJet Printers.

Time:2015-03-09 by

Below the typical way to install photoprint to any Chinese Digital large format printers.When you need to install other printers of other brand for photoprint.The process is similar to it: First Double click the “PhotoPRINT_PRO_English_setup” how to install photoprint Click Next if you choose to install into the C Disk File,or you can choose to install it in different path, the default installation path are in C/Program File.Here we choose the C/ disk.Then wait the installation until the next step installtion place photoprint When finished,click Finish installed Then open the fille“OutputDrivers” outputdriver for printer And copy all the three files in the “Outputdirvers” into C:\Program Files\PhotoPRINT SERVER-PRO 5.0v2\OutputDrivers 3 drivers Paste those 3 files into C:\Program Files\PhotoPRINT SERVER-PRO 5.0v2\OutputDrivers ,Then the computer might ask you if you need to instead with the new files,choose “All” to cover the old files. files for digital printer drivers Then file the file folder: DogDriver,entre it,and find the file called SoftDogInstdrv,and double click this file,to install the dongle for the printer dongle drivers for printer Then one interface would show up as follow,but because you need to make a choose and dis-choose of some columns: usb drivers for printers Then only choose the two USB(the two upper columns),and Deselect the another columns,do as follow,and choose to Install the Dongle for the PhotoPrint dongle Key usd driver in computer Click install ,and after finish,exit. drivers The dongle key for photoprint is successfully installed now,then you need to insert the dongle key into your computer: dongle for photoprint Then find the PhotoPRINT SERVER-PRO,double click it to start it. set-up the photoprint Then in the column “Manufacturer”,Please choose “ZHONGYE”,And in column “Model Name”,Please choose “ZY-5106”(All printer with Seiko255 or Seiko510 printheads,no matter if is’s 4 ,6,8 or 12 printheads,all choose “ZY-5106” as Model name.),(Only 5meters machines choose others models,and if it’s printer with Xaar128 printheads,please choose ZY-7212 as Model Name ,still no matter how many heads it have).After you finish this,please click Next Step. choose the printer model Then this interface show up,In column “Setup” you can change the name into anything you like,or leave it there no changed,this do not matter.And also no need to change Hot or Shame name setting,just click the Next step to continue: choose zy-5106 for seiko Here in the Port ,Please DO NOT CHOOSE zhongye as the port, Most failure in installation of photoprint is because they choose “zhongye” as the port.Please DO CHOOSE “FILE” as the port!!: choose zhongye After you chose the port as “File”,This interface show up,Then in the Settings,please choose the “Use custom extension”,and Filll the black colum with “prn”.Also in the Default location,you might choose a different path,and remember the PRN files would be imported to the location in this path.And click Finish. set the prn file Then if the computer show “Unknown error happened when trying to add a printer to the system.Error Number=1796” or else,This is not important, just neglect it,and choose “Ok”. installation error How to Add ICC files to the computer for your printer: export the prn files for printers Select the 4 color or 6 color ICC according to your printer type: importing icc files for printer Choose the “Apply to all”,and click ok. installed Importing succeed: photoprint server How to make a PRN file for digital printer?first choose Add a job in file,just choose the photo you need to transferred into RIP.Here import a photo to show you how to make a RIP PRN file seting imported to printer Click the Right button on the mouse and choose Job properties: importing files to photoprint Continue your job,the photo would show in the layout process the photo for printer And in the “Color management”,Choose the Icc file you need to apply to this photo.And in Preset,Media,and DPI you just choose a relevant setting(Make the DPI all the same as the Preset.Following as a example: rip for photoprint After those selection,you click ok, and in the File,you choose Send to make a PRN file. export the photoprint job Remember?If in the port you choose the zhongye as the port, when you finish the job,and click “Send”,It would show the following error,and failed: photoprint for inkjet And show follow: --------------------------- LoadHIJETDLL Fails --------------------------- Don't worry.That do not have problems.And installation and prn finished. photoprint

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